Collections from mainland UK.

Our Collection service takes place Monday to Friday. These collections are made using our collection partner and it will not be a Arab Africa Cargo driver or van. The collection charge will be calculated based on the detail you provided us. You must be available from 9am until 5pm on the agreed collection date. The packages must be on the ground floor waiting for the driver. The driver will simply collect your packages without weighing or measuring them. Please do not give him any payment or documentation unless otherwise informed by us. We will receive the packages the following working day and it is then that they are weighed and measured and the price calculated. We will then call or email you with the final cost and you can arrange payment.


General rules for collection

All items (unless previously arranged) must be packed and ready to leave before the driver arrives.

Each package should be clearly marked with the name and address of the consignee at the destination.

All packages must be sealed or locked including suitcases/holdalls etc.

Arab Arica Cargo can assist you with the following:

No single package should weigh more than 30 kgs (unless the contents are a single large item e.g. television/fridge etc) unless previously arranged.

Wherever possible, clients should have their packages waiting for the driver on the ground floor before he arrives. It is often impractical for the driver to leave their vehicle unattended and come to your flat to collect. On these occasions, we are grateful for your assistance.

All delivery/collection times provided by us are approximate only. Please allow sufficient time either side of your booking period as it is possible that the driver may arrive earlier or later than the expected delivery/collection time due to unforeseen circumstances.


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